Full Name
Mr. Nicodemos Nicodemou
Job Title
Senior Project Engineer
Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company
Nicodemos Nicodemou is a Senior Project Engineer for the Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company, and Chairperson of the Cyprus Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Nicodemos is responsible for generating and assessing development concepts for discoveries and prospects in the Cyprus EEZ, the review of Operators’ field development plans, economic modelling for the Republic of Cyprus' share of hydrocarbons production and evaluating the potential application of novel technologies to enhance the commerciality of gas fields in the EEZ.

Nicodemos has over 13 years of experience in the offshore industry and has previously worked for Centrica Energy in a range of upstream project roles, and for ADIL as a Senior Project Engineer, creating development concepts for numerous oil and gas fields in Europe, Africa and Central America. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London.
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Mr. Nicodemos Nicodemou