Development of Digital Service Delivery through Project Data Transformation

Subsea 7’s “Make Possible” strategy focuses on providing a more sustainable energy mix (conventional & renewables) to tackle climate change. it is our position that data stack has an impactful value proposition. Unlocking this value for the energy industry is deemed essential to increase efficiency and deliver projects more effectively from early concept engagement, through project execution and through life-of-field. In 2021, Subsea 7 technology development instigated an on-going case study (managed by the author) aiming at evaluating the value proposition of digitalizing the data from a recently executed development offshore Norway, as a case study for digital service delivery. Subsea 7 was well positioned to tackle this case study with its expertise in technology development, product/discipline specialist knowledge, integrity asset management, a burgeoning digital transformation group and recent acquisition of two key players in the digital transformation market: 4Subsea and Xodus-Group. This collaboration was enforced by alignment from the operator providing permission to use live project data. The project focused on capitalizing on the temperature data from the first functional 20km Electrically-Heat Traced Flowline; namely EHTF®, a subsea pipe-in-pipe system with electrical heating wires and fiber optics in a partially vacuumed annulus. The fibers are used for distributed temperature sensing, providing a temperature reading every meter along the flowline length. The project scope is offshore data acquisition to the cloud, processing the data to produce valuable output and visualization of this output on a platform that provides the end user with insight allowing sustainable operations. The acquisition of data was performed through successful collaboration with the operator to ensure the required cyber security is maintained. The temperature data was then processed and correlated to other design parameters to monitor and report on the temperature profile and trends along the flowline, thermal insulation efficiency, thermal ageing of the EHTF components – with more use cases in development. The resultant processed data is then visualized on dashboards showing status, provide warning/alarms, and operator recommendations where applicable. The data processing is performed on 4insight® cloud-based platform, where all stakeholders have a common integrated interface.  To-date the project has underlined the main value for digital service delivery: efficient asset life-of-field management. This value can be captured by reducing production & integrity risk through proactive asset monitoring and management, allowing for a more effective decision-making by operators for operational & Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) activities, improving vessel utilization, thus reducing associated carbon emissions. From a broader perspective, the value can be seen by avoiding unplanned downtime, validating, and expanding operational envelopes, and allowing SME-assessed automated reporting. Furthermore, the benefits feed-back through the contractors and suppliers, alongside the operator, with insight validating the production and integrity envelopes through the production life cycle: fabrication, installation & commissioning. Geared with such knowledge, conservatism is reduced, system usage is improved, and the understanding of design and project delivery is enhanced.

Date & Time
Friday, May 19, 2023, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
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Diamond Ballroom West