Full Name
Mr. Antonio Critsinelis
Job Title
Chapter Manager - Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines
Chevron Energy Technology Co.
Antonio Critsinelis is a Chevron Fellow and Professional Engineer registered in Texas with the background of Mechanical Engineering with Master’s degree in Subsea Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and an MBA from Texas A&M University in Texas/USA. Critsinelis have 35 years’ of design and field experience in the oil and gas industry and have been working for Chevron for the last 20 years as a subsea engineer and manager, participating in multiple deepwater developments. He has an extensive track record of commercialization and fast track deployment of new technologies and it is the inventor of multiple patents related to subsea pipeline, field architecture, integrity management and installation innovative solutions. He is currently the Chapter Manager of Umbilicals Risers and Flowlines at Chevron Technology Center.
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Antonio Critsinelis