Full Name
Dr. Lakis Andronicou
Oil and Gas Consultant
Lakis Andronicou, BSc -MSc- DIC- Phd- CEng MIMarEST
Lakis Andronicou has over thirty-eight years’ varied experience in the oil and gas industry, in Lloyd’s Register (1982-2016) and subsequently as a consultant, in areas of design, construction and installation of subsea and land pipelines, structural design, static and dynamic analysis of fixed and flexible risers, strength, buckling and impact of structural elements.
His roles included global management of pipelines groups and of a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in London, dealing with a variety of offshore and land-based oil and gas structures such as mooring systems, concrete structures and foundations, jetties, LNG and FLNG facilities, FPSOs and storage facilities on a worldwide basis.
Lakis provided verification and consultancy services relating to the integrity of numerous offshore and land pipelines, including fitness for purpose assessment and rehabilitation studies of existing pipelines.
He has written a number of papers on the behaviour of steel and flexible flowlines, tubular members and ring stiffened cylinders.
Lakis participated in JIPs on pipelines and served as a member of the British Standards Committee on pipelines, member of CYS/TC 22 and national expert in CEN/TC 12.
Lakis Andronicou