Full Name
Luca Dragonetti
Job Title
Managing Director
Eni Cyprus Ltd
With 32 years of engagement in Exploration, Luca played an active role in several major successes that marked Eni’s growth in the last decade.
He holds a MSc degree with Honours in Geology from the University of Milan as well as an MBA from Bocconi/PoliMi of Milan.
His experience ranges from technical skills to centralised management that saw him in the role of VP Conventional Exploration in Milan.
Since early days in his career he has gained know-how in multiple Countries, ranging from far North Faroes Islands to Far East Vietnam passing from East and West Africa.
Lately he has been heading Eni affiliates in various stages of their exploration efforts, translating into actions the strategies developed at the Headquarters.
Acutely aware of the Energy Trilemma, Luca is wholeheartedly engaged in contributing to the necessary transition to more sustainable sources while powering up the inevitable social progress.
Luca Dragonetti